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What Are Death Records Used For?

A death record contains the death certificate (also known as the medical certificate listing the cause of death) of a person who is deceased. The certificate includes information including the name, birth date and address of the person who is deceased as well as information about the cause and location of the death.

Death records can be used in many different ways. One way that death records are used is when the police are trying to solve a case. The information on the death certificate will be provided in court if police suspect that the death was caused by foul play or murder. Death records are a great source of information for lawyers and police officers dealing with a case that involves a death.

Death records are also used to arrange burials and cremations and to claim the life insurance of the deceased. In order to claim the life insurance, there needs to be proof that the deceased is legally dead and death records are the only way to proof this. Death records are also used when a body isn’t found. For example, when a person is missing or dies in a natural disaster. Though a body may not be present, the family members of the deceased deserve the same closure as those families whose loved one’s body is not missing.

As with any other vital record, there are many different uses of a death record. Some uses are sentimental while some are strictly legal. Either way, death records are incredibly important.


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